Hi. I’m Maeg.

When I was younger, I would write little stories for my parents. Bearing themes like love, friendship, and most importantly, hate – I was a sad kid – they were absolute garbage. Andbutso I wrote them anyways because I liked lying to people without actually lying to them. I can remember myself reading the Junie B. Jones series in the first grade, and feeling so proud that I could actually read! Oddly, I think Junie B. Jones inspired me to write.  Now, fast-forward to an image of myself now – swaddled in one of those fuzzy blankets from Indigo – reading the entire succession of Twilight novels in my bedroom, eyes flitting across the pages, body language essentially saying, should I be disgusted or proud? (Team Edward)

Unfortunately, I’m a teenage girl in my Junior Year of highschool. I guess I’m precociously going through what people often call “an Identity Crisis,” but what I often call A Really Hard Time. I have to decide What I Want to be When I Grow Up™ while simultaneously working hard and worrying about my classes.

Anyways, I have created this blog because I have always found solace in my writing – whether it be good or bad. I like talking about movies, books, and sharing my opinions to hear what other people have to say. You can find my reviews on my “Blog Posts” page.

P.S. I also have a couple works of Art™ on Wattpad (they’re kind of cringey), and will have my account linked here:


Maeg E.